3D Sniper

3D Sniper

Few of us would switched with the soldier who is deployed to combat missions and can be killed at any time. This renders today's pun, as it might look like when you experience enemy fire and you never know where the next intruder emerges.

The hero is a soldier, from whom you can only see the barrel of a gun. On the screen is also positioned aim cursor, with which you are targeting and try to hit the enemy. From various directions you will be attacked by the enemy soldiers. Move the mouse and shoot with the left button as soon as you see even a shadow. Saves your life and you get to the point much further. Over time, the enemy appearance becomes faster, so it is often necessary to predict where it could be your next target. Most come from opposite sides, so if it appears the man on left side, the next most likely comes from the right, etc. All you need is a single bullet to gun the soldier down while you have the benefit of several hits. How it's with physical condition, shows a figure on the right of the screen. As long as it has pink colour, the state of your life is all right. After hit, health level declines somewhat and when at zero, the game ends.

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3D Sniper 3D Sniper 3D Sniper

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