Alien Arena 2011

Alien Arena 2011

And it is here, all fans and enthusiasts of intense action. Alien Arena 2011 is officially available and it's really unbelievably great. What has changed from the version of 2010? Not many, yet a lot. Let's take a look at this treasure.

In the free-ware section, a very popular game, which already has a pretty decent tradition. This is a tournament style event.It is practically a clone Q3Arena or Unreal Tournament. All of this takes place in space or different planets, according to design maps. But let's turn.
After passing through a simple menu where you set the graphics, sounds, and your avatar, you can enjoy choice of single or multi-player. Single is a pure instant-action, combat with bots. The chief awaits you in the game over the Internet, there is either connect to an existing room or create your own game. Maps are about 60 altogether, so you can find popular and unpopular. At first, you will first download the map, it sometimes takes a while, sometimes a few minutes.
The actual event is divided into a death-match, so all against all, or it may be a team deathmatch. Then the possibility of capture the flag,where you pick up the opponents flag and get it to his/her base. Surely there are other modes, but so far I haven't met them. As far as filling the rooms, so that is mostly good, but because it is a fresh edition of the game, the number of players will certainly rise.
Directly from the game, enjoy a bounty of weapons, which, however, much changed from the previous part. So you can enjoy classic firearms, but also different enough futuristic toys. Unfortunately, there appears also my hated flamethrower, which I consider a bad use of my hands and deadly in opponent's hand. There are also various power-ups, armor, more health, etc.
Design of maps is not bad at all and only rarely happens that you get stuck on a few polygons.
I must recommend the game and wish you many hours of pleasant entertainment.
And one more thing the game will run under Linux, but you have to download Linux version

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Alien Arena 2011 Alien Arena 2011 Alien Arena 2011 Alien Arena 2011 Alien Arena 2011

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