Experience a real adrenaline rush in the middle of the stellar universe. Control the sturdy spacecraft and destroy every enemy that stands in your way. Choose your weapons and collect special bonuses that you get rid of pursuers. Turn the tide in your favor.

On your way you will meet many obstacles, which seek to exclude you from the game. In the beginning you can choose from four weapons that will use the space battles. As to choose any, you will appreciate the many special charges accrued during the game.

Additive rounds are really too much, so do not worry that you face the onslaught of enemy ships at a disadvantage. On the contrary, when you speed up, you get multiple single penetration per shot.

If you manage to cut through the already well-distance situation will be even more interesting. Often you will have so many targets, that it is impossible to forwards as maneuver and there would be nothing more than a way by hand shoot trough.

Not surprisingly, given the enormous odds you may suffer more or less damage, which may cause destruction of the space ship. Never-mind, you are entitled to several instant repairs so that you can immediately continue the fight.

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