If any game will be on second place in the competition (at present it was for Yo-Yo-Games), then is certainly not a bad thing. This is really dark and dramatic space adventure. If you want a good story and great fun, then read on and download.

The environment in which we operate is placed in the universe, but it is not a fight between the stars, but fair action with little adventure elements in the narrow corridors of buildings on planets. It all starts by selecting a name and hair color. The first steps occur after returning from a completed mission. But calm does not last too long and you just make one base, which as usual was something sinister. During the game, you not only uncover the mystery, in which are implicated various corporations, but also your own person and past. Expect always the choice of weapons, lots of running and most exciting atmosphere. Nice of creator was at the end you can expect a double possible end. Controls was a bit worse because combining several elements, but after a while of testing and experimentation you can get used to it. Enemies are diverse, however rather than the action, you may really be interested in uncovering the story.

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