Dead Steel

Dead Steel

Simple and straightforward cutter, where examination of the ontological questions of reality really is not worth it. Nicely relax, when shooting endless crowds of monsters. At the same time collect various weapons, bonuses and try to simply survive.

The view gives a clear overview of the neighborhood and brings a secure overview of where the enemy rushing at you. So just precise aim and light them up well.

Across playing surface you move like a robot, which to a bloodthirsty surrounding environment seems easy target for snack. And so that you don't become the fleshy delicacy, pull out a gun and stop counting ammo. You shoot like no sense to dismantle a massive superiority. Bringing together the keyboard used to move and mouse, you aim and shoot, gives you the confidence in aiming and evasive maneuvers. Not in the sense that you fled from the battle, but dig around is definitely in order, because the boxes can be found to obtain more powerful weapons and all kinds of defense bonuses.

The game takes place in some kind of mines, where you need to survive and kill them all simultaneously. As I mentioned at the beginning, no science in it further. As relaxation good.

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Dead Steel Dead Steel Dead Steel Dead Steel Dead Steel

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