Eliminator 3D

Eliminator 3D

Space shooter made by Game Maker. Be heaved into the battle and prove your fight capabilities! There is a lot of enemies waitng for you so shoot shoot shoot to kill them all. Btw.very nice music playing during the game...

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Eliminator 3D Eliminator 3D Eliminator 3D

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Works okay, nothing unsafe, but I can't make it fullscreen.
28.11.2015 pm30 18:54:10

Is this safe?
28.11.2015 pm30 18:49:46

27.11.2015 am30 11:39:31

Rosslyn Temple, still has a virus. Please run your antivirus on the file DB
15.11.2015 pm30 15:54:49

text příspěvku
29.10.2015 pm31 20:18:32

n é muito bom mas fazer o q
29.10.2015 pm31 20:18:11