Extinction 3D

Extinction 3D

Here they go again, again enjoying the taste of your brains, and again it is only you who can defend them. Excellent game in the GTA style, where you may not be sorry when you cross someone.

The whole thing starts, so that in 2012, a erupts again the apocalypse combined with zombie hordes. You can choose from of two gameplay styles. The first is a survival style, your task is to survive as long as possible, destroy as many zombies, find the survivors and the whole thing until you get tired of it. The second mode is a pure free disposal of the undead and unlock new weapons. The game will always be placed in the city where you can freely move around, collect weapons, slipping into the car and destroy a couple of zombies. Do not think it is a powerful stereotype, while this enters, but only after a proper abreact. Looking from the perspective of what you know from first GTA games, and buildings are really in 3D. If you just need a game where you do not think too much, you just found it.

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Extinction 3D Extinction 3D Extinction 3D Extinction 3D Extinction 3D

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