Fists of Legendary Heroes

Fists of Legendary Heroes

Various heroes with different abilities must push through a set of different backgrounds and beat all villains, so there again reigns peace. Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Mega-man, and a few other face a difficult task.

A game that reminds us the old times, when was enough to have sufficiently robust control pad to withstand the frantic pounding of two (for those insane games three) buttons.

It is this charm, which has been preserved here. Initially, you decide on a hero, who with the others has little in common. It must be said that each character has their own moves and special attacks, for example turtle ninjas can take turns in combat. I worship the green mutants , so sorry that I will always proclaim them ... So you roll with Donatello nice in the direction until you hit the enemy gang. Kick and beat, that's your main and only task. Indicator of health, your, their, shows how many blows would still be advisable to deal. In addition to basic movements, there are two special attacks. Use them at will, but watch out for plenty of energy that each of them needs. On the other hand, it will help to solve situation, when you face immense odds. And that in the later rounds it is double useful, you will see for yourself.

Good game to relax, if you ignore the fact that the characters don't match up together well. Thus, the mutant turtles won't bash grunts. These will crush for example Wolverine :-).

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Fists of Legendary Heroes Fists of Legendary Heroes Fists of Legendary Heroes Fists of Legendary Heroes Fists of Legendary Heroes

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