Galaxy of Terror

Galaxy of Terror

A little psychedelic, but rather an interesting game. When you are looking for something where you can relax and rest, so this game will certainly may be of interest. No to relax as much as the pace is terrifying and every inattention can be fatal

The author, whom I could not trace, claims that the game took over nine hours. Well, something that will be, since it is not something sophisticated concept, but it's fun. The thing is, that you are pink piece that flies, jumps and shoots on a planet and to dispose of the other pieces. At first it was funny, but after a while it starts getting a little rusty, and coffee or a moment of inattention can cost the whole game. Watch out for the somewhat psychedelic colors, but again, you enjoy a little good music. The whole game reminded me a bit of style the Darwinia, but the depth from the really do not expect it.

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Galaxy of Terror Galaxy of Terror Galaxy of Terror Galaxy of Terror

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