Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2

Do you know the game Team Fortress 2? If not, read on, else go immediately to download. It is just not the same game, but a remake in the fantastic retro graphics, where all options remain.

In the original game, which is purely focused on multi-player, there are two groups that make up the Medic, Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Engineer and others who also have unique abilities. Furthermore, besides classic weapons, there are also special. For example, the possibility of using a sniper rifle. Medic heals and shoots injections and Spy to camouflage, or invisibility. All these options can be carried out in this frantic game perfectly. You can create your own room, but it is best to join the existing and either a classic play team death match, domination, and I came across a special, where you get rid of nasty very little girls, who will try to bite you in the neck. Controls are simple and can just peep into the setting. Sometimes, however, I had problems with the server response, but it was nothing that could not be bearable. So hit the download, let the best win.

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Gang Garrison 2 Gang Garrison 2 Gang Garrison 2 Gang Garrison 2

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