Gigadeep looks, is played and entertains as great 2D action platformer that could be described as a remake of Mega Man. Experienced creator Houkaimaru has created several good freeware games but all in Japanese.
Enjoy eight levels filled with retro graphics, enemies, bosses and fights. Thanks it, you visit different world and, if you understand, you can enjoy the typical story where you fight against an evil scientist.
The game is controlled by shift, Z,X,C keys for action moves and arrow keys for movements. The control needs some time to be get used to but you can train it all in the wild action. Death is normal here but many dying moments are thanks several bugs.

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Gigadeep Gigadeep Gigadeep Gigadeep

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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