Golden Axe Myth

Golden Axe Myth

When a golden axe disappears from the kingdom a problem appears. Game created in OpenBOR uses one legend called Golden Axe. Stealing some ordinary weapon? Not at all, this theft must be punished, the story describes it all. Begin with choosing your character. The three basic warriors (man, woman and dwarf) are the same but fourth guy called Death Adder is possible as well. Each has special abilities so just choose. A long and tough way awaits you filled with enemies. They mostly attack in groups. One key is for attack and one for defence, another are for jumping and special spell. You will probably use only the attack with jumps and their combination. The older players know that for energy you have to kick small elves with blue heads or the other type for food and so health. The opposing forces aren't any weak tweaks especially bosses but there is nothing what punching the right keys cannot solve. You can choose from several paths as well. Try the Duel mode which isn't so great but it's worth trying.

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Golden Axe Myth Golden Axe Myth Golden Axe Myth Golden Axe Myth Golden Axe Myth

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