Hero Core

Hero Core

Hero Core is another game returning to the roots of its genre. All fans of space shooters attention!
Her Core is continuing of the game Hero, finally some original name than put 1,2,... :). You are again Flip Hero, the best hero for liquidating the space rubbish and here ha finally gets int the main base of the enemy. The base is hidden inside of an asteroid and its name is Tetron. The first think that surprises you is that this one is really retro game and looks like MS DOS type. The only colors you are going to meet are black and white. The control are extremely simple and you will learn them in a minute. The most important are your health and indicator of heat. The health is clear more hits = lower health but overheating begins when you get into water that is probably a lava and other unpleasant surprises. During the game you get sometimes a small upgrades. What is really the main is the gameplay, mainly thanks to the original enemies. The music and sounds conform to the retro feeling but that is not bad at all.

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Hero Core Hero Core Hero Core Hero Core

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