LEGO® Wolf3D

LEGO® Wolf3D

What happens from combination of LEGO bricks and a lot of killing? By the title it is very clear that you won't build farming gardens and sweet houses. No, it will be a nice mix of both massacre and LEGO dolls. What does it look like? To look great.

Wolfenstein was one of those games that are not forgotten and to remember aspects of the game world, the time has long passed since then, it's worth the download.

From the first person view you wander through the maze according to a selected level, or maps. Corridors are definitely not the tour route to the castle. First, there is nothing much to see, apart from a couple of skeletons and stubborn wall carpeting and flags, and secondly you have it quite enough under the neck. Usually lurking behind every door in the form of an enemy soldier, rabid dog, or perhaps a tough boss. Once you all shoot, pick up food, ammunition and go further. The shooter genre is nothing new. What is worth mentioning and definitely overlooked, is the graphics. 3D doll looks great and you feel that you have lessened into the real kit (yeah, not again, but it's pretty close :-)). Additionally, you can change the camera view so you can watch the game from third person perspective. Potential shortages can seem complicated controls. Comfortable playing initially disrupts pre-defined set of keys, at least as far as shooting. Fortunately it can be defined all over again and tie shooting, classically at left mouse button. It needs a little time to test and set. Another thing is shooting. The cross-hair is not tracking, but after a while you will mark exactly. I feel that this aspect of the game is slightly benevolent and aims to help you. Due to the graphics the game is more suited for computers with more powerful and better graphic accelerator. It happened to me that some of the maps stuttered somehow and I'm not personally packed with powerful graphic card.

Overall, a great software in an interesting design.

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LEGO® Wolf3D LEGO® Wolf3D LEGO® Wolf3D LEGO® Wolf3D LEGO® Wolf3D

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