Pirates of New Horizonts

Pirates of New Horizonts

Into schooners! Today, we have a great 3D action adventure here. You control a young pirate girl who must hack and slash with her sword and solve some puzzles.
The game maybe looks like prototype but it's worth trying. You enter the game in an action moment when you are under fire and destroying the enemy acts as tutorial. The control system is original from Xbox 360 so you must try it for yourself and find the right keys as W, A, S, D for movements and E is the action key. The content is about exploring the area around trying to reach the marked places where you fulfil tasks to progress. The whole game is made special when you travel on your ship exploring the world around. Don't miss buying things and collecting money with diamonds. Open chests with treasures to have enough finances. It's really good fun with ill camera sometimes.

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Pirates of New Horizonts Pirates of New Horizonts Pirates of New Horizonts Pirates of New Horizonts Pirates of New Horizonts

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