Pixelry 1

Pixelry 1

A brave boy comes into a kingdom where all the knights look forward to the tournament. You can beat the competition. The path reaching the princess and glory is far away and you have to start from the beginning. Explore all the locations but most your time will be spend in the pub. Not because of drinking but gaining the experience. Start with simple fights and get to the more difficult duels. More tough opponent beaten mean more gold into your pocket. Improve your weapons, shields and horses. Gain fame, it's needed to get the access into the best competition. Get you opponent from the horse before he hits you, be the first.

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Anon8475 | 28.11.15 pm30 18:54

Works okay, nothing unsafe, but I can't make it fullscreen.

Anon8475 | 28.11.15 pm30 18:49

Is this safe?


Pixelry 1 Pixelry 1 Pixelry 1 Pixelry 1 Pixelry 1

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