Once again there are flying pieces of iron sheets and explode, because in your monitor is rushing shooter with robots in full 3D, and free. As a member of the squad with one of the two opposing sides you will promote ... your own idea of good. Diverse missions, environment and truly fantastic game.

You can promote the brute strength right now. You get to the group missions, and the solo events.

In the game you control a robot - a robotic member of the combat units - with a gun in one hand and a laser sword in the other. Although there are various tasks, the main essence is the destruction of enemies, means other robots. You browse the different levels and try to clean the area. Will serve as orientation a map where are enemy objects identified. Combat system involves a combination of offense and defense. Metal model has a number of rounds. Mowing rounds into the enemy must alternate with defense, otherwise you will soon explode, not the opponent. In practice, the defense just after the time he shoots at you, and wipe out during the charging time. Relatively action situation arises when the odds on either one side or the other, and having to dodge and also benefit the environment. If the mission takes place in the team, and you still have a say, albeit artificial intelligence would be in my opinion for the job itself. But it would take much time, so you offer a helping hand of iron. Your commitment is obvious, since it gives you points to purchase enhancements or new and better machines.

The graphics are fully 3D and you can control your robot from three perspectives. In addition to bases, the planet's surface I have been impressed by the mission in an open space with a task, of course, here and there to destroy airborne robots.

Terrific action game that looks good and plays excellently. Not much to think about.

(Note: images are taken from the manufacturer's website and are the property MangaPage and ITB Games)

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