Absolutely brilliant. There is no better way how to describe this hot novelty. And here it goes. The game Privates has been released free of charge. Do not you know? Well, you will get it to know. After four paid months, its developers decided to offer it to free-ware scene. That means a huge celebration for gamers and that is us, of course.
What is hidden behind a curtain? The idea is fresh. You take on a role of private, as the name already suggests. You lead a platoon of rookies to battle against venereal diseases. No, you are not hangover after last trip. Each mission starts by entering patients body. At butt, or vagina, for example. Also other body parts. Do not look surprised. We have not said we are purist censor pussies.
Goal is simple. Eliminate the disease. You should give credit to this game for certain humour aspect. Even if you must deal with AIDS and or gonorrhea ( sorry for that ), developers throw you few moments, which makes you smile.
Visual style is a combination of 2D and 3D creation and honestly it looks damn nice. During journey through body you will meet various enemies ranging from bugs to major viruses. Often happens you get stuck at some place and do a certain part many times until you learn proper tactics effective against certain foe. Sound is expertly engineered and voice overs are fun to listen. Beware! I have had a problem to fire it up on my laptop, mostly because crappy graphics, I think. So I have had to try backup machine. I hold my thumbs for you to make it work on your box. On official website you can find, that this game needs Shader 2.0 support able graphics card.

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Privates Privates Privates Privates

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