Reapers End 1

Reapers End 1

This game is not really for players, who fear their own shadow or foreign. The incidence of dark places makes it clear about what style can and must say that the horror that is. The successful, especially graphically.

Give the creators know in advance that this is only the first part kind of minigames. Altogether there are ten to go and every one of a horror element and a bit of effort to survive. You find yourself in a room and can not get out. The hand holding a normal pistol, and if you want to take better little guy, you have to buy it. But now, more to the load. Every time the body appears to resemble the undead, and your only option is to shoot and shoot. That's how it goes, up until the Reaper appears, who is needed to neutralize, which is the target of the game. The content is pretty average, but higher than what is the graphics. Although it is incredibly dark, and even in the light you feel you have something wrong with the monitor, but if you do not have more powerful graphics, then I am afraid that the game will be significantly stuttering. Excellent survival game.

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Reapers End 1 Reapers End 1 Reapers End 1

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