Rework the Dead: Evil

Rework the Dead: Evil

Where did these monsters come, you do not know. But you know that there is a lot, to near and far you are the only living soul still wrapped in leather and your hands wield a single weapon. Once again, proper action game, and even old-school graphic jacket. Well, here we go.
Because the game has not such an innovative story, we look now at how the title plays. You control a big guy (personally reminds me of a mouse), which plunges into the dark corridors - some monster's homes resembling zombies. Inspired by the classic platform jumpers pliers way forward through the obstacles, the main and most dangerous are the hordes of all sorts of creatures. They rely mainly on the element of surprise so certainly don't plunge with a calm heart in an empty corridor. In combination with the odds, there is only one way - shoot them in the head. Aye that is how to quickly neutralize the most with the small number of given charges. Although we battle hardened may like severing limbs, a finding that the charge ran out, certainly won't be pleasing. Ammunition is really short, so you should aim for the head. Controls is a combination of keys and mouse (aiming). There is no problem to adjust according to your needs, but the original settings isn't all bad. Eventually you will find the lockers and spread further, more powerful weapons. It is obvious, because the enemies become tougher too. So I proved all tactics escape - fire, when you create a sufficient gap and pretty far away light them up. Chattering part is the terminals, where pressing the action keys (without setting it is the F key) you can get some intel from a colleague that while you are fighting a life and death, he makes coffee at home at his computer. But at least in terms of story and your mission you may learn something useful. Health will be added with adrenaline capsules (the Tab key), and if the situation allows, leave them on the larger creatures. The game can be saved after every level, not during it, which seems the only bug. Otherwise, I highly recommend to all fans of the games in survival-style action games.

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Rework the Dead: Evil Rework the Dead: Evil Rework the Dead: Evil

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