Scary Gardener Tales 3D

Scary Gardener Tales 3D

One day you are working in your garden when skeleton, ghosts or demons start attacking you. It’s time to take some forks and show them in the style of Doom.
It’s not a joke, that is what is going on in Scary Gardener Tales 3D. You have to find your way out into the next level which is mostly about finding certain keys. The problem is enemies who visit you in great numbers, some of them cannot be killed and the worst are doors. The enemies can be sometimes really original. You get only 4 weapons but the ammo is quite rare so it pushes to you to move and do something. Graphics is quite retro and not everyone will like it.

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Scary Gardener Tales 3D Scary Gardener Tales 3D Scary Gardener Tales 3D Scary Gardener Tales 3D

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