Soak the atmosphere, which is packed with adrenaline. Become the best secret service agent in the world and send all evil six feet under. Don't be fooled and never let them have an advantage, otherwise it will be you going six feet under ground.
On your first mission you go fully loaded. In rock strong arms you wield a machine gun with full clip, so you don't have to look for ammunition during intense gunfire. However health is only one, so keep an eye on it. During action search for med-packs suitable even for the biggest hero. If you find your adventure too easy, or too hard, just change difficulty on the flight. Graphics is true retro reminding those of you, who know, the old times. Very dominant is the music, which is able to push you deep into the game. Game-play is fine, only some controls are a bit far away. Don't be scared to try this arcade, even if it doesn't look nice and shiny.

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