I must admit,that when I have seen trailer and screens for the first time, my jaw has dropped and I have been sitting mute for a moment. Mostly a game of this quality level is a commercial product, however not this time.
The whole project has started before 5 years at Queensland University in Australia with a group of students. The game is set in a world controlled by a virtual reality and you represent a hacker program girl Aiva. Your goal is an infiltration of the system and the game is designed as a platform jumper. The game is similar to The Portal commercial game from The Valve developers. Jump around, avoid lasers and cut trough firewalls in a mini puzzle games. The game offers a lot of interesting activities and Aiva has some juicy skills to play with. A minor drawback could be for someone hardware requirements, because the game runs on The Unreal Engine 3, which grants advanced graphics. You can always lower resolution and details though.

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