Splatterhouse 3D

Splatterhouse 3D

You don't know why or for what but you appear to be in a terror house littered by blood thirsty creatures. Your task is to survive, find your loved and get out from the levels. You start with only your fists but you find some wooden stick soon or some guns. Monsters are numerous and they become more and more various. Some of them only pretend to be dead to stab you into the back. Collect points reaching high place in the list of best players. The keys are important as well to open the very important locked doors.

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mike | 02.10.12 am31 07:18

this version is outdated and has graphics glitches. you can update it by getting the Splatterhouse 3D: Gold Edition package over at, which has two 3D Splatterhouse games in one archive.


Splatterhouse 3D Splatterhouse 3D Splatterhouse 3D

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