Station 37

Station 37

Today, we are going to play with fire. You, with axe and few drops of water, jump into the hot danger and, even, aliens won't stop you.
This game, where you play as a fire-fighter, is about fighting the fire and having some fun when meeting aliens. Great gameplay and fun in retro graphics. The game was originally created for a competition. You get into a house under fire and your task is to find missing civilians and put out the fire. Use the fire extinguisher with limited supply. The next item is an axe which is used to chop through doors and survive in fights because when you rescue the last person an alien invasion begins. The difficult is optimal, you will face many problems and challenges but all can be passed. You play through only one level but it's nicely long.

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Station 37 Station 37 Station 37 Station 37

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