Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage Remake

With regard to the Streets of Rage, probably I can not resist the nostalgia that comes in a great remake. However, it took eight (!) years before saw the light of the final version. Axel et al. come to streets again and it will be rush.

Me and my Sega Mega Drive in this game, we spent a lot of time. And I am pleased to announce that even this title, which is a remake, it retains the basic core of the original and comes with something new. Already in the game settings I have to stop and mention a few things. First of all, it's multiplayer. Presence of a second live player probably is not surprising, but there is also the possibility of controlling the second player with artificial intelligence. Moreover, the AI can be set whether an aggressive, defensive, balanced or stupid. In combination with the difficulty setting and health level, it creates long lasting game. As a small detail, though not insignificant,you can disable / enable mutual injury. When in one moment it really grinds you will deal to teammates unwanted strokes, which will certainly not be pleasing, and so turn off the mutual injury. On the other hand, you lose the possibility of some fighting co-operation with fellow ...

The story is quite ordinary. It takes place a while after the destruction of the final villain, and because the crime syndicate, which probably leads guess who, crime infested streets and the police is not able to contain it. You can choose from six characters, and there are no missing from the Sega's original design. Before the fight you will see part of the story, and selected location, which needs to restore order. The main focus involves the good old beat everything and everyone. In this part, the game is absolutely identical to the original. Same motion, same blows, same combos. I even recognized the identical music, so original lovers will come to your home. The enemies are again divided into, say, weaker and stronger bosses. Each has a name, so you don't eradicate any anonymous :-). Base punch and kick with a jump is accompanied by special punches. Be careful, their strength is offset by loss of life.

This would be, in short everything old. Now a few words about the new features. Some of them I already mentioned. Furthermore, there are new locations. Graphics is maintained, but the locations are different. Like the story and eventually some of those monstrous attacks. Our heroes are still quite a concern with the police. There is available a couple of locked items and bonuses and mini-games.

Overall? Beautiful! Gameplay remains the original, so there's fun for a long time.

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Streets of Rage Remake Streets of Rage Remake Streets of Rage Remake Streets of Rage Remake Streets of Rage Remake

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