Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box

Aah, it is coming back again, quickly remove the monster before it gets to the fire. This always chased me when I entered the arena, which offers Super Crate Box. This is a really incredibly frantic arcade action. You can not be sure of anything.

It is really a very unique idea and yet so simple. With your little man you move around the small arena and collect boxes. When you have enough a new weapon or the next level unlocks. Yes, guns, there are a lot and you need them all. Always, when you pick up the box, you will get fire aid. So a while you have a bazooka, machine gun, then, suddenly weak gun and so on. Who do we have to get with it? In collecting creatures that fall from the top try to stop you, try to really shoot them before they get into the fire. This won't unfortunately destroy them, but make them very angry, so they just drop out again from the same place as before, only now are red, angry and about 10 times faster. Some creatures won't survive anything, but occasionally you run into a real giant, with whom you will have problems.

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Super Crate Box Super Crate Box Super Crate Box Super Crate Box

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