Survivor: The Living Dead

Survivor: The Living Dead

Survival horror game means, that conditions are set so that you are in a very big disadvantage. You don't boast any special skills, or qualities, neither plenty of weapons and infinite ammunition. This game corresponds exactly to the above mentioned genre and you will need the maximal wits to survive.

We've already had a lot of such zombie themed games as this one here, but just a few put you into a situation, where you don't achieve much with force, but rather you need to use clever thinking. The whole game revolves around the fact that you are such a normal woman, who lost her beloved at a cemetery, because of crawling zombies. She adapts quickly to the situation and tries to survive. The game is divided into several levels that follow the story. The task is clear, stay alive for some time period. Already the first seven minutes can give you an incredibly hard time. As little as a few seconds passes and the first corpse is already at your doorstep and if you forgot to lock the door, prepare it instantly hunts you. The only chance is to quickly search all the rooms and grab what you can. The best thing is to arm yourself as soon as possible, because firearms aren't readily available is and often you can find some at locked spots. The game offers a great atmosphere, since you are still under enormous pressure. I recommend to you to study controls in advance. Great and exciting game experience.

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Survivor: The Living Dead Survivor: The Living Dead Survivor: The Living Dead

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