Thanatophobia or fear of death. The fear you will certainly have, I do not know if the death, but certainly of the unknown that awaits you in this underground bunker. Loneliness, strange sounds, and your only hope is a gun in your hand. Either you or them.
The story is set in the end of the 2nd World War and you as a citizen of losing party have to seek a bunker to protect against Allied bombing. But something is wrong and doors leading out are locked and the second room you come across offers the first victim of this dark place. After a little exploration you find a gun that is truly vital to your survival. I'm sure you guess what kind of enemies inhabit this place, it's a bit cliche, but the undead are still popular. By collecting and reading we learn what actually happened here, but unfortunately due to the length of the game virtually finished at its best. The truth is that the author worked on the game just 10 hours. Yet it graphically looks perfect and with a very well selected combination of sounds is a piece of horror games.

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Thanatophobia Thanatophobia Thanatophobia Thanatophobia

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