The Hunted: Chronicle 1

The Hunted: Chronicle 1

We will look into the world full of pitfalls, undead enemies, the various corners, doors and most incredibly difficult situation in which you must try to survive. Welcome to the world of The Hunted.

The name suggests that you are really hunted. The difficulty is so high that it will ever be quite enough to last a while before you can create a force attacking strategy on your enemies. A world in which we find ourselves, it is attacked by an unknown infection and actually we do not know anything. Leaves the story unfold gradually, but unfortunately not learn everything in this first part, but we will explain many things. First start completely unarmed, so I hint you that the knife is found in a large room in the middle. That is only weapon for quite enough a long time and meeting with more than one zombie is very, very difficult situation to handle. Before you get a firearm (where, however, ammo isn't lying all around) you load as rabid. As for the design of levels, they are quite normal, except a lot of secret entrances and locked doors, where, as usual, you need to find the correct key. The style is something between an action and survival horror, so while you are confident, then you will find that the nearest group of enemies you can not cope and then comes the frantic retreat. Yet very successful game.

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The Hunted: Chronicle 1 The Hunted: Chronicle 1 The Hunted: Chronicle 1 The Hunted: Chronicle 1

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