The Hunted: Chronicle 2

The Hunted: Chronicle 2

I did not believe that the second part could overcome the first one, but it happened so. And it did not beat just about anything, playability, thrill, sounds, but also improved the graphics and everything runs like clock. It's time to get scared.
Still the zombies, and about it this game will be too. As in the first part you start with no weapons except for information from the first part. Again, you know almost nothing. But still something has changed. You hear those voices, those demonic sounds? This game totally absorbs you, and if you have turned off all sources of the light, believe that the game in the style of FEAR is here and holds the bar impossibly high. The game has much more depth, the enemy is no longer so incredibly strong, but still it is better to find a gun as soon as possible. The biggest kick is just in the sense of the supernatural around you. I do not know how the author managed that, but I did not have long enough so many saves, in a game like this. Again, you'll wander rooms, corridors, shooting zombies, but just as FPS of the textbook. And I can only highly recommend it.

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The Hunted: Chronicle 2 The Hunted: Chronicle 2 The Hunted: Chronicle 2 The Hunted: Chronicle 2

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