The Last Dance

The Last Dance

The wife is dead and you are depressed, but that's not all. With the main hero you are going to walk round Chicago and shooting into the mafia's hands. Better to say - you are trying to find the answers for you questions connected to the death of you love. You can hide behind the cars or walls to make the best positions for attacking the enemy. They aren't too intelligent but sometimes try to do some moves to avoid being shot. Their main power is i the bigger number and moment of surprise. From their dead bodies you can take needed ammo. If you take some hits you don't need any med-kits but only wait few seconds after the fight and you return into the normal from the red screen. The control could be more sensitive, especially for the mouse. The graphic is nice dark 3D in comic style. It is most effective when the blood is everywhere. It could be nice to have more games like this and they could be a b it longer as well. Great fun, the only minus is Spanish.

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Apofis | 27.09.12 pm30 18:48

Sorry for broken link, download works NOW!! :-) Enjoy

Michael | 11.08.12 am31 07:46

Megaupload link? Come on! Get rid of it! Megaupload is gone!


The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance

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