Wolfenstein has been one of the most world changing FPS and many of us remember playing it. This is new version with the original content, same levels with all the doors and full 3D with more atmosphere.
Walk through corridors, shoot hordes of enemies and try finding the exit. Collect weapons, bullets, health and food. Hidden paths? They are here as well.
You can set up the game according your PC making the game very fluent. Saving is fine so you can really enjoy the classic Wolf.

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esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:02:05

esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:01:50

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The version on the website is much newer! This download is very outdated!
23.02.2015 pm28 13:12:48

I like games
21.02.2015 pm28 13:47:41