X-Men Second Coming

X-Men Second Coming

Thresher created in the MUGEN engine, in which this time you play for a bunch of X-Men. The battle only one can win and some good and bad X-Men are playing here. So, choose your favorites and (lovingly) kick others.
Not to say that the title brought something revolutionary. On the other hand, this style is still very popular. So let the battle begin. After going trough the main menu where you set various parameters of the game, which is essential mainly on the difficulty, you choose your fighter. I think that character selection is very good and when I saw in them the Gambit, I calmed down :-). As already stated, it is a classic cut thresher. One winner with two wins, one loser. Beyond proceed naturally only in one case. Every beginning means training. At the beginning it is a helpful thing when you do not know how who behaves and how to start a movement, but after the umpteenth playing it's been frustrating. Fortunately, it does not last long. The battle itself is something that recalls a frantic and well-pressing all kinds of random keys. The first battle is indeed taking place and we can win as well, but you soon mastered the basic moves. Primarily, A, S, D control feet, Y, X, C, then fists. Combining rises spectacular and effective combos, but it is for the advanced gaming knowledge and well done combos. So try to learn from the available text document, which is together with a game in the downloaded file. To win it is not necessary, but it looks nice when you beat in multi-player your friend's mutant fur by some advanced technique. Overall, the game brings nothing new. However, there is that the swing, tempo and pace of a simple beater that can seize.

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X-Men Second Coming X-Men Second Coming X-Men Second Coming X-Men Second Coming X-Men Second Coming

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