Zombie movie

Zombie movie

If there is something what I like than the survival games with zombie theme. And this one is really worth playing.
In the role of a brave guy you go in the land full of zombies for fun and only reason. That reason is to make the best movie. Ok that is the whole story but this piece is really catchy game. The main game goal is to receive the best score and write your name into the table. Principle is unbelievably easy, you shoot, take first aids and ammo and after some time better weapons. But so catchy game I have not played for long time. For better score it is better to keep in the shadow of the chopper and sometimes you get small help from the helicopter pilot. The graphic is good and nothing exaggerated and you get into more areas after few playing. So go and try this entertainment game with addictive feeling.

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Zombie movie Zombie movie

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