Achar Chronicles: Oblitus

Achar Chronicles: Oblitus

Do you like adventures and the green colour? Then join the story of a soldier and scientist Eren Tersong who is became a part of an experiment .... wrong experiment. The ship is overtaken, everyone dead or they disappeared and you are forgotten.
This adventure game has an interesting story told from the hero view. Collect items, explore the are around, and using the classic style of use, search and speak, you solve puzzles and riddles. Mostly it's about reading the dialogues showing you where to go and what to do. The main activities are chosen by pressing the left mouse button. The right is for the inventory. The minus of the game is in choosing an times and then you have to click with the right button again and use the objects. It doesn't sound so tricky but in some moments it's unpleasant.

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Achar Chronicles: Oblitus Achar Chronicles: Oblitus Achar Chronicles: Oblitus Achar Chronicles: Oblitus

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