Aidas Strange Christmas

Aidas Strange Christmas

Aida's Christmas this year will be different, such an adventure. But our heroine has no idea about this yet and rushes to meet her boyfriend. But when he never shows, the first seeds of doubt and mystery are sown. Only if she knew what worlds she will visit and problems it will bring to find her partner.

If she knew,she might have broken up with him, to have peace. Yes, plenty of hard puzzles, riddles wait and where else should she find herself then in the Santaland.

The dread name of the soon to find yourself place heralds a lot. There will be cold, snow, lots of elves, trolls are evil and ultimately a kind of dried-up Santa. In short, a typical mix of Christmas characters with whom you interact, you will receive tasks from them and sometimes humorous exchanges that some buzz. It should be noted that the dialogue here is quite enough, many of which I think is totally unnecessary. Nevertheless it belongs to the adventure genre. As well as collecting items, with which you can combine other objects, use, or give to any character. The third party in the event is to explore everything that can be found or is active. In this regard, it is often also useful, so do not underestimate any nearby standing trash :-).

Refreshing aspects are different mini-games. During the adventure you find yourselves, for example, in such a toy store and you have to shoot within the time limit gang of trolls using a cannon. Very interesting mini-game. The creator also stated that the game has two possible endings. There is therefore several features that provide a solid portion of entertainment.

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Aidas Strange Christmas Aidas Strange Christmas Aidas Strange Christmas Aidas Strange Christmas

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