Cube the Game

Cube the Game

I have waited far too long, when a game inspired by Cube the movie comes out and finally the moment has come. Who does not know the movie, there is a basic plot. A group of people ventures trough a huge cube, which is divided into smaller sections also in a shape of cube. They do not know, how they have got in and they want to get out. However it is not so simple, because the cube is full of deadly traps.
Some sections are safe and rest is lethal. There are numbers and different colors in each section, as to help indicate a safe route, however to solve it is a heroic task. And guess what do you do int this game? Yes, you guessed it. You must survive a journey trough this dread cube and get out. A suspense awaits you and the game is quite difficult. To be honest I have not found an exit. Do not forget to read tutorial and play at night!

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Cube the Game Cube the Game Cube the Game Cube the Game

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