Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste

How about playing a game today, which should get the full amount for originality? What's more, this game is from far China and has a chance to win a prestigious award at the IGF China. Let's take a look into the paper world.

This is a graphic adventure game, but that you ensure that something similar will be playing for the first time in your life. Under your supervision you have a doll, which moves from left to right across papers of drawing block and slowly wade through page after page. You can always stop the process and go back, because here and there appear items that you can literally cut out and then glue them again to another page. As for the traps, sometimes meet those that may kill you, but with objects, which, after traveling back and forth you will find it will be a toy to overcome. Often problems can be solved in several ways, which clearly adds to the quality. Some pieces of logic, it can be a bit annoying trial and error. But replacing all, the playing style and charming originality.

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Cut and Paste Cut and Paste Cut and Paste

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