El Dorado

El Dorado

How about leaving native Spain and discover whole new worlds hidden somewhere in Indian ocean? A land upon which human foot did not step yet awaits bold adventurers to be first to behold its virgin beauties. Naive idea, however with a major difference, that our ship wrecked on cliffs and bold adventurers have been almost eaten by sharks. Without water and food we have become shipwrecked persons.
However our spirit is strong. We set off on our first survey of local area full of anticipation. Without fear we enter deep forest, a home to myriad of fascinating species. To our shame, it is not afraid of us like we do. Snakes, scorpions and other vermin threaten us with its deadly poison. We have to trick them and get our hands on gold, which is stashed behind high wall, or lagoon full of hungry sharks and stingy jellyfishes. At least we still keep our catch under surveillance, however what does it matter, if it is not reachable for us? To keep it going, you cant hang out too long in every section. You have only one minute for every level. In this game you must react effectively, or die.

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El Dorado El Dorado

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