I Was a Vegas Showgirl

I Was a Vegas Showgirl

At the beginning of this adventure you will die. However, Indian Chief Sitting Duck will give you a second chance. You find yourself a few hours before the time of your death and you have a second chance to twist the sequence of events elsewhere, so as to stay alive.

Decent graphics, several options can be developed at the end of the story. But the vast majority of them end with a messy end. Can you find the right one?

We are on a dark street before entering the casino. To get inside and steal the hat off quickly. Somehow the plan is essential. But the reality is completely different and soon it will not be about stealing a hat, but run for life. In a well modeled and represented graphically game you need to find a few items and use them, but you primarily conduct investigative talk to other characters. It is certainly the focus of this game, since the inventory is almost empty most of the time. So I recommend to read carefully and explore new questions.

The game is not long, but the atmosphere and graphics drags you for some time. I do not know what kind of bug is that, but when you load the game, you will be right in the room with the main villain, who must be somehow verbally and logically by using objects in the room outsmarted. Who wants to enjoy a game, let him select the New Game.

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I Was a Vegas Showgirl I Was a Vegas Showgirl I Was a Vegas Showgirl I Was a Vegas Showgirl I Was a Vegas Showgirl

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