Never Alone Hotline

Never Alone Hotline

Well, this was some nice surprise. Another game from Ludum Dare and what a great result. Working at “Never Alone Hotline” where you don’t feel loneliness is strange job with strange callers.
Play as one female worker which has another unpleasant shift answering lonely people. But they don’t call to talk about their problems (well, it sometimes happens too) but to tell you they are lonely, rude, inviting you for a cup of coffee, committing suicide and one person is even a cat. How you pass the conversations is only up to you and most of the players take different paths. The end is only one but paths are many.

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Eric | 17.06.12 pm30 17:40

I wrote an article about the game on my site, which is called Games Retrospect. Hope you like it and looking forward to your opinion. Here's the link


Never Alone Hotline Never Alone Hotline Never Alone Hotline Never Alone Hotline

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