Octopus Daddy came home and facing many challenges. They are at first glance routine, but for our cephalopod it means many precarious situations. Original and funny game that gets you.

Fatherhood involves many duties, like playing with your kids, educate them and teach. Moreover, as a good husband clean sometimes in the kitchen and wash dishes. This alone is very exhausting. And because you are extra squid, these ordinary things are even more difficult. But also fun.

In addition to solid 3D graphics and hilarious situations that you are father - octopus, is a specific element, controls. Around a house move using left and right mouse button, because each button controls one leg. Once you learn to walk, which is a rather strong word, we can start to interact with objects. Switch mode to handling gripper, which can open doors, move objects and manipulate with the objects around. Once you end the tutorial, you can plunge into individual tasks. In each room you are given a list of tasks, each accompanied by an animated sequence. Tasks tend to be easy, but because of special controls it is something else and wipe the floor and give your son a goal is pretty hard. The funniest are destructive tasks like demolish a tower or clean out the fridge. What causes terrific mess around :-). Each success is then accompanied by chatter like Dr. Zoidberg.

I suggests an ongoing game saving, because for your awkwardness and slowness you loose life, so that you don't have to do again previously completed quest. Already a long time I haven't played something so original and witty.

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