Battle Jump

Battle Jump

Jumping on a pogo stick can be pretty fun, as in this game. As in the real world, even here one has a moment to get used to the barriers and control.

Just deliver from start to finish and have it in your pocket. However, there are several conditions that must be met. The first is that in a tight time limit, that is sometimes very grim. Another condition is not losing all lives, and it is even more challenging, because the way you can easily fall from the shelf, you are trying jump across, or jump on the bad spot that your heart detracted. Sometimes there are also pieces that will help you in some way, but on their frequent occurrence I would not bet too much. The game offers 25 basic level, but since you can open the editor and create your own levels and hundreds of other creations will surely soon follow. So if you're not afraid that you experience some fun and challenge your own creativity, I highly recommend it.

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Battle Jump Battle Jump Battle Jump Battle Jump

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