Broken Dimensions

Broken Dimensions

During the Halloween eve may happen almost anything. Even more so, when you intrude a strange housing dressed up as a hen in a crave for sweets. It may not surprise you, that you get stuck inside. What there is to do, besides to try to find your way out?
Get ready for space manipulation using mysterious force, which our costumed avatar boasts. The situation is clear - main exit is barred, so it is necessary to come up with an effective strategy, how to get outside. You cruise trough decent 3D environment, which has some dark spots and you collect sweets alias big shinning objects visible already from distance. The main focus of the game is the ability of your chicken boy to levitate and pass trough space. Thanks to this you can get to previously unreachable places, like corridors, opposite walls, definitely far. In this fashion are commonly solved logical puzzles. Note, that due to multi-dimensional design of levels, you may get easily confused deep in the stone dungeons, some spots are a little bit less confusing and after some time you get used to it. This is surely not a poor game, so I recommend you try it.

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Broken Dimensions Broken Dimensions Broken Dimensions Broken Dimensions

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