CoreDase 2

CoreDase 2

This is really a platform jumper game with all the extras. If I may recommend to you, go straight to download, because this style is already well known and well understood immediately. However, if you want something to read about this game, feel free, it is well worth it too.

One ball, or maybe balloon, is in this universe, which has a task to jump through 33 levels full of various platforms, jumps, rifts and special surprises. This is really a very simple principle, but works very well. To meet a certain level, you have to jump and mark all the necessary platforms. After jump, it disappears and you can not go there again. This is not true for everyone, along the way you experience special stuff, like a timed platform, a platform that is permeable to confuse you, then there are also platforms, which vary by, which one you jump at, etc. Another nice bonus is the editor, which you will enjoy and you can build what you want. Unfortunately, some levels are extremely tricky and need some effort to pass.

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CoreDase 2 CoreDase 2 CoreDase 2 CoreDase 2

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