Sink into the darkness and somewhere there finding runes. Why? Well you should not know everything. Try it yourself and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere.
The game today is a bit mysterious. Not only because the principle and gamepla but overall. I have tried to find any philosophical statement (and I found it but it is unimportant here). You control jet ball that travels through giant level. The surrounding around is in deep darkness and for orientation you can use only ray of light from the strange ball. Prepare for very zig-zag maps, sharp corners and many times multiply ways. That means confusion and being aware of the walls because if you destroy the ball then game over. Funny thing is that you do not see any health but you can gain some imagination from the red color inside the ball. The main work is to find all the stones and bring them back and that is really tough part. For help are strange light and when you collect them you machine ball is repaired. I miss any story, would like to know why the hell I should bring the stones with me, on the other hand the game has great atmosphere and mysterious music.

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