Dreamball 64

Dreamball 64

Nice looking color arcade game in which you control the balloon. With it, you roll around the playing area between the obstacles and traps and try to qualify for advancement to the next round. Incredibly playable, incredibly addictive.

The game has an interesting retro style and ease of use, so no problem with it, so to speak it offers die hard game-play.

The charge you will get the ball, with which you have to ride a fixed quantity of rainbow goals. They are variously distributed on the playing field and access to them must be careful. Rotating spikes, foot-plates, jumps, which occur around, may help you, but also complicate the task. The game also has quite a fast pace because you are just in control by moving the mouse cursor, which always follows the ball. After some time the music becomes just a little crazy, but how changes the gaming environment, the music will also change. Download, play and see for yourself how simple it is to this simple principle become slave. Sometimes flash trough a level for a few seconds, then again you look, how it all went wrong and somehow you have to level again. Excellent relax.

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WillyVanilli | 16.11.13 am30 08:28

Anoying?? Sorry man but the nice chip tunes is the best part of the game.


Dreamball 64 Dreamball 64 Dreamball 64 Dreamball 64 Dreamball 64

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