Dreamside Maroon

Dreamside Maroon

Story? A guy with a lamp (firefly) tries to reach a moon. How? Using a growing wine. Does it sound strange? Of course. Digipen represents a school projects which can be put among strange exploration games. It's not about some action, special rules or possibilities. It's mainly about understanding what the game wants from you, exploring and understanding the world you play in. Here, you try to find the places where the wine grows and you travel on it from one island to another until your reach the moon. The graphics is just fantastic as the whole feeling from the game. The control needs some time to get used to it.

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Justin C. | 05.04.12 pm30 22:15

Very beautiful and calming.


Dreamside Maroon Dreamside Maroon Dreamside Maroon Dreamside Maroon Dreamside Maroon

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