Escape from the Underworld

Escape from the Underworld

Indeed, a bit more original, where you will learn as it is to be a demon or hell spawn and in an instant to lose their skills. The game will show you the simple destruction of civilians, fighting with the angels, the fall in the underground, finding a way back and retaliation. All in one game.

Quite a decent portion of fun and exciting features and ideas, but a bit disappointed in the graphics and gameplay, it would be conclusion of this piece. Everything starts with you and your attack on one village, the second step is the revenge of the heavens and you are sent into the deep underground, where by jumping and searching skills must earn your way back. It is really a pretty decent arcade, and that you can expect really a heap of hopping. Collect various bonuses, thanks to which you get on. The key is finding your special body parts and places where you can save the position. This is probably the worst part of the game, before you earn more lives, you can expect fairly frequent repetition of loading screen and different locations. It can be overcame so much isn't happening again. Graphics are not very beautiful, but it does not look very bad. If you want to jump a bit and explore, be sure to download and play.

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Escape from the Underworld Escape from the Underworld Escape from the Underworld

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